Indoor pools…are they good or bad?

 Sure, we may be covered in snow up to our noses, and wondering if warm weather is actually around the corner. There are a lucky few who have their own indoor pools who aren’t concerned at all. Ever wonder the realtor of indoor pools? Lets take a look:


Both choices of pool are ideal for entertaining your family and friends. I have many clients who absolutely can’t imagine life without a pool for entertaining.

Healthy Living – A few dozen laps a couple times a week is a great way to keep yourself active and is easy to do when its at your doorstep!

Check out a video of Olympian Micheal Phelps Benefits of swimming here


No one enjoys swimming in a murky slime mess so maintenance is key for these watery worlds of fun. Regular upkeep and most times more chemicals are needed for the average outdoor pool. Wind brings all kinds of nasty little things in so you must be on top of it.

Consistent temperature can also lead to a bit of a challenge unless you keep the pool heated and use a cover all the time.

Of course there definitely is the fact that we live in a relatively cold climate…winter last often more than 4 months…So the usability drops significantly.


With indoor pools such as the one in this house at 124 Old Orchard Rd, in Prince Edward County that I’ve got currently for sale, it is easier to keep the water crystal clear all year round. You aren’t going to have to worry so much about leaves, bugs and dirt being blown into the pool and so you’ll have to spend less time cleaning.

Obviously the main attraction of an indoor pool is that it isn’t weather dependant in any way. You can enjoy your pool in a blizzard if you so chose!

Indoor pools can be more expensive and if you are going to keep the pool and the poolroom super warm. There are some great solutions available now including solar heating and geothermal heating among others.

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BEFORE YOU BUILD IT: Please take note that a pool is not necessarily going to add value to your home. I highly suggest that if your planning on installing an indoor pool, or outdoor pool you contact either myself or another professional REALTOR® to advise on the practicality and how much equity you will build, if any at all.