Get Rid of the Snow for showings!

How many times have you looked out at the end of your driveway and thought, “The snow needs to go!”

Wouldn’t it be great if just saying those words would make it disappear forever? Especially if you have a showing on your home that day. Sorry to say that’s not going to happen, at least while you live in Quinte. Snow is just a fact of life here. However, you don’t have to let it get you down. By knowing how to shovel efficiently, you can move the white stuff aside and get on with things plus make your home look better for showings!

Shovel in the Direction of the Wind

There is nothing worse than throwing a huge shovelful of snow out of your way only to have it immediately blow back in your face. It’s not only a waste of time, it’s also wet and uncomfortable. When you first go outside to start shovelling, figure out which way the wind is blowing. You can then save yourself time and discomfort by tossing the shovelled snow in the same direction.

Beating the Snowplow Operators at Their Own Game

For as much of a chore as it is to shovel your driveway, it’s even worse when you have to do the same job twice. This can happen when the city sends a snowplow operator down your street and he or she leaves a huge pile of snow at the end of your driveway. To avoid this aggravation, be sure to shovel a portion of the right-of-way so it is free of snow. This area should be several feet from where your driveway ends. Taking this step helps to prevent the snowplow driver from pushing more snow into your driveway.

Keep Your Driveway Shovelled if You’re Trying to Sell Your Home

This is an absolute must! Prospective buyers can’t get to your front door if they can’t get into the driveway. Personally there is nothing that irritates me when I’m trying to show a property than when the driveway and sidewalk isn’t properly cleared. It is also important to ensure that your driveway is clear before all showings if you don’t want to turn off buyers.

Unkept Driveways and Sidewalks look as bad as sheets for window coverings

If you’ve taken the time to make the inside of your home look top notch, than you need to make sure that the outside is kept just as neatly. It sounds crazy, but if you want top dollar, its these details that matter most!

Please contact  me for more tips on making your home as appealing as possible during the selling process.