Downsizing your STUFF

Face it, we ALL hadownsizingve stuff,Trinkets, nicknacks, meaningful things. Over the past 7 years selling Real Estate in Belleville, Quinte West, and Prince Edward county, I’ve noticed a few things when helping my clients sell their family home:

1)FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – If you’ve had the same cabinet, in the same corner of your living room, holding the same STUFF for 20 years of course it’s going to be hard to pack it up. I get it. If your planning on moving then you really will need to pack anyway, why not get a head start?

2)NO WHERE TO PUT THE STUFF – If you simply don’t have the space, don’t worry because there are tons of options in Belleville and surrounding area. Storage lockers are often the best places as they come in a variety of price ranges and sizes. In some areas there are services that can pack and move your stuff for you if its easier. With either of these options I highly suggest speaking with the company regarding their insurance for contents of the storage spaces and also your own insurance company as they may have options to help avoid unforeseen circumstances (weather damage, fire, pests)

3)MY HOUSE LOOKS NAKED! – It’s going to be O.K…just take a deep breath and relax. The potential buyers are going to appreciate that you’ve taken the time to help them see their own STUFF in the house…Most people buying homes can’t see past other peoples nicknacks and things. Why? Because were fascinated by what we don’t know…I want them to see your beautiful house…not your beautiful family.

The easiest way to know how much you need to downsize or take away from your home is to have a quick in home assessment which I offer to all of my clients. Whether you are planning on selling right now, or in a year. email me today