I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however summer is drawing to a close. Time for a check in on the state of the Market!

There has been much press and excitement over the Real Estate market here in Quinte this year. Things have been overall very good for home owners and we’ve seen some moderate gains. Both in Average sale price and also the volume of sales!

To the end of July 2015 we’ve seen an increase of 15.6% in total sales from last year. This increased demand mixed with less supply (About -12%) has resulted in the average sale price increasing 4.4% to $236,505.

Without having a crystal ball I feel quite confident in predicting a continuation of the great news for the rest of 2015.  Unless some unforseen circumstances come up we should be a good shape.

As we look toward the hastily approaching fall market now is the time to starting thinking about your fall move. Usually to get a house ready for sale there are a few minor tweaks and adjustments to get you top dollar. Now is the perfect time to start working towards that goal and we can get a solid plan in place for you to get the best exposure for your property, OR to find you the perfect home!

The next few weeks will be a busy time but I will be happy to fit you in and see what magic we can make happen for you this fall!

Text me anytime 613-920-0063 or call!

Photography Credit Mark E. Hopper https://500px.com/sharkey12